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The first step to marketing your business is having a great brand and a memorable logo. What you do with your logo can help improve brand recognition and awareness. Here’s how…

Following the recent Government announcement of key dates coming out of our third lockdown, many businesses are preparing to reopen. With the goal of starting by opening schools from March 8th, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your premises safe and how to encourage social distancing. This is particularly important for premises in retail, hospitality, health and fitness and leisure which will be opening over the coming months.

It’s the time of year that we all try to spread a bit of cheer and happiness and we wanted to do exactly that. Last week we were extremely excited to be able to hand over a cheque for £725 to Heart Heroes. We worked with Tuffley Rovers to raise the money.

I know that we talk about vehicle wraps a lot, but it's because they are a crucial tool when it comes to your marketing. You pay for them once and they give you mobile marketing that gets you in front of potential customers wherever you travel. However, for them to work properly you need to pay careful attention to the design of them. And I’m not just referring to good branding, not using too much text and ensuring that you use the right colours.

When thinking about the best way to advertise our business there are many options that come to mind including leaflets, online ads, posters, business cards and more. But have you ever wondered if there was a way to get your business noticed without having to hand out loads of flyers or pay a monthly charge for a billboard?