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I was horrified to hear recently of a sign falling 15 feet from above a kebab shop and injuring a child in a pushchair, though fortunately not seriously. 

I am extremely proud of our employee, Billy Walker, who is undertaking a fantastic 3,535 kilometre bike ride for charity!

I often hear customers saying that their business is well positioned on a high street or in a mall and there are plenty of people passing by but they just don’t come in.

I am not one to blow our own trumpet, but we have recently received a ‘thank you’ letter from the James Hopkins Trust who we have helped with sponsorship and by creating and donating some signs.  It is what we do, after all, and so it is our way of helping a very worthwhile local charity.

Here is the letter in full:

It doesn’t matter which type of business you have, retail, office, factory or warehouse you need to let people know where you are and what you do.  In this day and age it is vital for businesses to stand out from their competitors on the High Street or on an industrial estate.