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I often recommend this as the best time of year for clients to check their external signage.  The shorter days mean it is vital that all signs are still clearly visible.  Here are some tips for maintaining your signage at its optimum.

•    Make sure your signs are clean and easy to read.
•    Check that any electrics are in good working order.
•    Replace any blown light bulbs.
•    Ensure all lettering is in place and replace any letters that are missing or damaged.
•    Check for any broken or damaged fittings.
•    Have a look at any timbers to see if they are still in good condition.

Think of it as a Winter Health Check – it could save you money in repair bills and make you money by ensuring your signs are looking their best.  I'ts always good to be aware that maintaining your signage is more cost effective than buying new!

If your signs need maintenance or are looking tired and in new of a spruce up, contact the experts in Gloucestershire, Severn Signs, on 01452 739156 or visit