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I sometimes think we underestimate the importance of wearing high visibility (hi-vis) clothing in the workplace. It is a simple and relatively cheap precaution that helps maintain safety and provides protection.

Professional Health & Safety advisors are well aware of the role that hi-vis clothing plays as vital PPE (personal protective equipment) and they advise employers and company managers accordingly.

It is vitally important in areas that have high levels of vehicular traffic, such as construction sites, marshalling yards and industrial premises. Warehouses and large storage facilities with forklifts in operation are another crucial area. Traffic management staff and workers on rail and roads also benefit from hi-vis workwear.

As well as the safety advantages, hi-vis clothing can also be used to identify staff, personnel and visitors in certain areas. There are also arguments for using it for security purposes in areas of restricted access.

Whatever your reasons for wanting hi-vis clothing you can be assured that we offer a wide variety of choices, from jackets and trousers to coveralls. Take a look at what we offer here.