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Using freestanding advertising outside your establishment can guarantee increased footfall within, and that’s a fact.

There are, of course, lots of different ways of advertising on the roadside or pavement, ranging from the simple chalkboard through traditional ‘A’ frame boards, regularly changed poster boards to state of the art illuminated and backlit signs. The signs can be permanent or portable so that they can be stored inside overnight or when the premises are closed.

This is a perfect way of street advertising for retail, restaurants or café/bar type premises. Amongst its advantages are:

• Attracts customers into the premises
• Can be changed regularly to advertise special offers or run a campaign
• Can be portable to put in different positions or bring inside
• Unique designs advertise your unique selling points
• Weather proof and tamper proof

In addition, signage like this can be used together with other methods. A complimentary banner or flag display would be an example. Other signs that match can also be used in store, of course, to give the feel of a complete advertising campaign.

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