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As you probably know, it is a legal requirement to keep your signs in good condition. The Health and Safety at Work Act states that with any sign there should be “maintenance of it in a condition that is safe and without risk to health.” Town and Country Planning Regulations require that “the advertisement (sign) must not endanger any person” and “any structure or hoarding used must be maintained in a safe condition.”

These are the obvious things to look out for in wet and windy conditions:

• Accidental damage
• Broken or damaged fittings
• Cracked, damaged or missing lettering
• Ground movement or subsidence likely to affect posts set in the ground
• Illegibility due to accumulated dust and dirt
• Lighting problems, such as blown bulbs
• Rotting timber

Good signage is not cheap so it pays to carry out regular maintenance checks. You should ensure that your signs are doing the job you paid for and that they can be read easily.

Regular maintenance should be carried out whenever possible:

• Attend to any incidence of peeling or cracking as soon as they occur
• Check fittings, brackets, posts etc
• Check any electrics and replace damaged or blown bulbs
• Keep signage clean with regular washing

Such regular maintenance today can avoid the expense of repair or replacement tomorrow. Give me a call on 01452 739156 and I will be happy to discuss your maintenance needs and supply an estimate with no obligation.