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We are into the last quarter of 2019 and before you know it, the New Year will be here. If you are thinking about rebranding for your business, now could be the perfect time.

I was horrified to read recently of a woman in Bristol who was knocked unconscious and suffered severe head injuries after a six foot shop sign fell on her.

The woman was walking along Whiteladies Road when the sign above furniture store Infiniti2 fell on her. The sign split in two.

I seem to have courted a bit of controversy recently when I simply pointed out that I could have saved the nation nearly £200,000!

One area of signage which is becoming increasingly popular is our range of pop-up signs.

There are numerous advantages with the technology available today. Principally they are light, easily moveable and quickly erected. The effect can be remarkably striking and above all they are extremely cost effective.

I sometimes think we underestimate the importance of wearing high visibility (hi-vis) clothing in the workplace. It is a simple and relatively cheap precaution that helps maintain safety and provides protection.