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If anyone ever asks me why they should use Severn Signs I usually reply “because we offer great value for money”.

In these days of continuing austerity, getting the best deal for your pound is more important than ever and I fully understand that.  We offer excellent products at highly competitive prices for that very reason.

Tuesday 9th May saw some business colleagues and I hard at work on a course – a golf course, that is!

We were pleased to support the latest James Hopkins Trust Charity Golf Day and, although our team didn’t win, we had a marvellous day out mixing with other Gloucester business people.   

I expect you’ve noticed the horrendous weather we’ve been having in Gloucestershire courtesy of Storm Doris, complete with near gale force winds.  No doubt you read about the poor woman who lost her life when she was hit by a piece of masonry dislodged by high winds.

This is a timely warning to us all to check the safety of all our external signs

I was stunned to read recently about a driver being fined £200 for not displaying a “No Smoking” sign in his own works van – even though he is a non-smoker!

I am always pleased when we complete a job and get a note of thanks from the client.  In this instance we were even able to include a little bit of extra work but still kept in budget.