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Advertising is all about getting your name known. One of the most effective ways is using your company vehicles as an extension of your marketing campaign by sign wrapping them.

So what are the advantages of vehicle wraps?

• They grab people’s attention – although more common than they used to be, they are still a relatively rare sight on Britain’s roads. White vans will be ignored while your brightly coloured one is noticed.

• They reach a wide audience – wherever your vehicles travel is where you will be advertising. It can enable you to reach markets you might not otherwise even be aware of.


With over 25 years of experience in the design, manufacture and fitting of all types of signage, Severn Signs Limited is now looking for a Designer / Sign Maker with experience of design using Corel Draw, Illustrator, Signlab, Photoshop, Onyx Poster shop and Omega software.

Severn Signs in Gloucester have been designing, manufacturing and installing a huge range of sign solutions to meet their client’s specifications for twenty five years. In this day and age it is vital for businesses to stand out from their competitors on the High Street or on an industrial estate.

Attractive signage can be a vital tool for you.

Are your letterheads looking listless? Are your business cards boring? And are your compliments slips, well, uncomplimentary?

Severn Signs has been in business in Gloucestershire for twenty-five years and know a thing or two about stationery. Their experienced in-house design team can offer new ways of looking at even the most straightforward item of stationery.

The township of Clark in New Jersey is on the verge of voting on a remarkable new law that would ban temporary signs from shop windows, as the mayor believes they are unsightly. The ban would cover all window signs and window graphics.

In effect, shop owners would be banned from using any painted graphics, and signs of card, paper or other materials that are placed on, taped on or hung immediately behind the window. Unsurprisingly, the shopkeepers are strongly opposed to any such ban.