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What is the first impression your clients and customers have of your business? Whether you have a retail outlet, bar or restaurant then it will be your windows, so it makes sense to use them to your best advantage.

Vinyl graphics can provide a striking, professional looking finish to your windows and interior design. High definition graphics are guaranteed to grab people’s attention and draw them into your premises.

Self-adhesive stickers and labels can be found everywhere. They can be used to provide vital information, fun and games for kids or to identify people or products.

When national catering company Willow Catering asked Severn Signs to design something eye-catching for one of their vans for this summer, they were hoping for something holiday themed.

The simple fact is shoppers do not trust retailers who put up handwritten signs instead of printed ones.

Web to print marketing firm Gecko polled over 1,000 consumers and found:

In May this year, Channel 5’s ever popular Hotel Inspector featured Quedgley hotel The Little Thatch Inn. It has been in Jacky McDougall’s family for over 40 years, but at the age of 71 she was well aware that it needed some new ideas and conceptual overhaul.